Numeric size
Literal size
Slim tie-dye top
Over trousers with coulisse
Viscose blend wide short bermuda with pinces
Microcheck slim trousers
Eco-cotton wide bermuda short with pinces
Cool wool wide bermuda short with pleats
Linen double pleated trousers
Double pleated trousers
Viscose blend over striped trousers
Striped over shirt with contrasts
Slim curled shirt
Microcheck crop trousers
Regular macrocheck shirt
Chambray jacquard trousers
Linen dress with contrasts
Waistcoat on grosgrain straps
Wide linen dress
Tie-dye chemisier dress
Slim viscose blend jacket
Crop stripes cotton jacket
Microcheck slim double-breasted jacket
Slim double-breasted linen jacket
Crop chambray jacquard jacket
Slim striped double breasted jacket