Men's Card Blazer 04
Standout pieces include the Nuvola jacket, completely deconstructed for ethereal comfort and fit, the Shirt Jacket, which creates elegant, casual and even sporty outfits and the Double Breasted Jacket for more formal occasions.

gray stretch wool flannel double breasted blazer

$260.50 $521.00

beige prince of wales double-breasted wool-blend blazer

$255.50 $511.00

blue double-breasted regimental blazer in wool-blend jersey

$249.00 $498.00

brown slim diagonal wool blend blazer

$223.50 $447.00

sky blue slim diagonal dyed wool-blend blazer

$260.50 $521.00

blue slim-fit semi-lined blazer in cotton jersey

$138.50 $277.00

blue semi-lined blazer slim micro patterned cotton blend jersey

$138.50 $277.00

brown galles slim semi-lined blazer in cotton-blend jersey

$143.00 $286.00

black slim micro-patterned semi-lined blazer in cotton jersey

$143.00 $286.00
Manuel Ritz Men's Jackets

Single and double-breasted blazers, overchecks in wool blends with a British contamination, jerseys that make the blazer perform, regimentals up to garment-dyed wools in pastel shades with a modern interpretation.

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