The Manuel Ritz Boutique in Via Solferino, 1, Milan, in the heart of the Brera district reflects the desire to make highly recognizable and personalized collections through the rigor of the forms that permeates all the space.

A rigor that expresses the elegance revisited in a softer way, where the solidity of the cement is mitigated by welcoming carpets.

Tradition and innovation are married in every corner, thanks to the harmony between rigorous forms and references to icons of Italian classicism that reinterpret through furnishing elements such as the shirt corner and rounded seats.

The life of living is amplified to wear, which has a fundamental role in formality, through chromatic notes, subtle forms and color contrasts.

Inside the boutique you can buy the entire Manuel Ritz collection, as well as limited edition accessories or items.

Via Solferino - Brera, Milano


Monday 15:30 - 19:30
Tuesday 10:30 - 19:30
Wednesday 10:30 - 19:30
Thursday 10:30 - 19:30
Friday 10:30 - 19:30
Saturday 10:30 - 19:30
Sunday 11:00 - 13:30; 14:30 - 19:00